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  • OSA 5405 Series

    Дополнительная информация

    • Cost-effective sync delivery
    • Small form-factor PTP GM and GNSS receiver
    • Robust design
    • Combo fiber/copper Ethernet interface
    • Enhanced indoor reception
    • Optional external antenna input
    • Small footprint for window- or wall-mounting
    • GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo
    • Patented dual receiver algorithm
    • PTP Grandmaster

    For maximum benefits, small cells need tight synchronization. With our OSA 5405 SyncReachTM, this is easier than ever before. It features a unique dual antenna that enables it to deliver accurate and affordable small cell synchronization even in urban canyons.

    A clear sky view is no longer essential for accurate and reliable GNSS-based synchronization. Our OSA 5405 can be deployed in deep urban canyons closer to where small cells are located. This avoids the archaic and expensive RF cable feeds of typical GNSS installations. Instead, the OSA 5405 uses costeffective Ethernet cabling and offers both electrical and optical interfaces. Our OSA 5405 comes in two variants:

    • the OSA 5405-O for outdoor installations on a wall or a pole;
    • and the OSA 5405-I for indoor

    installations at windows or interior walls. Indoor- or outdoor-mounted, even at street level in deep urban canyons, our OSA 5405 offers unprecedented flexibility. And, with its dual GNSS receivers and PTP grandmaster, it delivers the accurate timing that small cells require.

    Руководитель направления систем синхронизации
    Морозов Виктор
    +7 (903) 018-21-21

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